Being a Professional...!!

The hardest part of office work,
Is to pretend that you’re working hard.
It's true that you being useless jerk
But show that you are the top of the herd

In one tab you’ll have Business Weekly.
And in the other you’ll have FB wall
If you can switch them just so quickly
Your boss will think "Man with a Goal".

Outlook minimized just in case
Have SLPL streams live on Cricinfo
Hand on mouse ready for a race,
On Ebay you can bid for a Kenzo

An online game of Scrabble
Makes you think of so many words.
But when no one near to trouble,
You can shoot some angry birds.

When you tire of Gmail chat room
And you’ve written too many Tweets.
You’ll stroll down to the break room,
And help yourself with a tea & sweets.

You will find some class co workers,
Who posses the wisdom of acting busy
And there will be some sweet talkers,
Better not get your smart head dizzy

Months will pass & Years will join them
Money will come when the pay is ready
Weekends like gold and Holidays like Gem
You'll have to row your life boat steady


  1. this is true for very many people. but there comes a time when a voice inside yourself questioning you what you are doing. THAT is the most important moment. you can decide if you WANT to really WORK or if you JUST WANT to PRETEND. be cautious my friend, because this decision you can never change.....

  2. හත්තිලවුවේ.... ඩික්සනේරියකුත් එපැයි !

  3. So fo you these fb and tweets are allowed?
    Guess what in our office, they are all blocked!!!:(
    Throughout the day, on the monitor you are focused,
    Still wonder whether you really work or pretend..

    Good one, Keep it up:D